Ministry of Margaret Nelson
Uganda, Africa

April 19, 2004

Travel and ministry update

I arrived in Seattle, WA, the evening of April 9, 2004, after a very, very long flight, from Entebbe, Uganda, to Johannesburg, S. Africa, to Atlanta, GA, and on to Seattle. There were lengthy layovers in between flights, so it took me close to four days to make the trip. But that's ok. It still beats going by ship!

After spending Easter weekend with family and my home church, New Life Center, flight arrangements were made to go on down to Southern California to be with my mother and family there. I arrived Thursday night, April 15th. After several days here, I've seen that my mom's condition changes day by day, but always with a downward trend over time. She has Parkinson's disease and dementia, and both can only grow progressively worse. The first day I saw her, she was totally unresponsive, did not know me, or remember that we were there. But by Sunday, she was up in her wheel chair, enjoying the church service in the nursing home where she lives. So we don't know from day to day what will be happening with her.

New Life Center will be maintaining an up to date travel schedule for me, with phone numbers where I can be reached, and of course I can be reached by email as well. Tentatively, I'm planning on being in the southern California area for at least 2 weeks. Then if things seem to be relatively "stable" with Mom, I'll return to the Seattle area and begin to schedule engagements and further travel from there. New Life Center can be contacted at 425-355-9330.

What is happening with my work in Uganda while I'm in the United States?

Thankyou for all of your prayers, for me while I'm on furlough, and for the work in Uganda to continue unabated. This is my first opportunity to leave there with works in process, and I am excited to see how it goes!

Prayer requests:

Margaret Nelson