Ministry of Margaret Nelson
Uganda, Africa

April 27, 2005

A Wild and Busy Time

It has been a rather hectic month since I last wrote, causing me to wonder what I could ever put into a newsletter. But since it's been a month since I last wrote, I need to write one. It has been a month since my Toyota pickup was wrecked, and it's still in the shop, getting fixed. So transportation has been a challenge, as has traveling in general. I've learned how for awhile after being in an accident, your body tends to record and react to any movements of a vehicle that resemble the accident itself, and as a result, I've had my heart come out of my throat a few times!

Along with the physical aspects of the accident have come the spiritual ones, the deep gratitude that God saw fit to leave the four of us here on earth to continue the work that He has for us. Our days are certainly numbered, and we don't have to fear dying prematurely. But even with that knowledge there is a renewed appreciation for life, for God's protection, and for the reality of Psalm 91. I feel closer to Him now than ever!

Our two new schools are just finishing up their first term. Final exams are required every term to make sure the kids are meeting governmental educational standards. Our kids are doing their exams this week, which will be a major indicator of how well our schools and teachers are doing.

One of the schools, the New Life Academy, started by Pastor David Kasule, is still in the construction phase. So classes have been held temporarily in his church. Thirty iron sheets have been donated by a local NGO to help with roofing on our first of three buildings, which will house 4 classrooms. As soon as we get the complete roof on, the school will be moved up the hill from the church to the site.

Pastor Ronald Lubowa has been renting a school building for the Kasana Kids Club Primary School, which meets in Luweero town. So we've been looking for land to buy so another school can be built in Luweero, to avoid having to be paying rent. Ronald found 5 plots (about 1 acre) just down the road from his rented school, so we began to pray for God to provide the money to buy that land. Within about 3 weeks of our Monday prayer group praying for that provision, the money was donated to buy it! Hallelujah!

Starting up schools, or any kind of ministry or organization where people must work together cooperatively, is never easy. We started the schools knowing that it will probably take at least a year for everything to settle out, with teacher relationships, teacher/student/administrative relationships, finances, and so on, so we could tell whether we have a functional, successful work. Unfortunately, we learned that one of our teachers, for unknown reasons, had ulterior motives, and was determined to destroy our New Life Academy and even the entire ministry. After a time of strife, dissension, and maneuvering, she was fired, but in the process, she returned to the school and stole most of our school supplies. This has hindered the children being able to take their final exams.

As a result of the upheaval, we made the decision to postpone buying the new school land. The money has been set aside for the day when things have settled down and we have devised a safer means to purchase that property and expand our school ministry.

So our first school term has been a rather stormy one. I am currently staying in Kampala for a week while teaching a Health and Social Issues class at a Kampala Bible College, and having a little break from having mediated several confrontational meetings, and conducting other meetings regarding a team coming from the USA in July, more SEVO training, land issues, and so on.

I hope to have my pickup back in a couple of weeks or so, and that will simplify my life again so I don't have to rely upon other people or public transportation to get around. So please pray:

That my truck will be totally dependable after repairs For God to assist me with the costs of the repairs; I had insurance, but not comprehensive That our school kids will do as well on their exams as we think they will That God will guide us in the selection of new teachers as our enrollment expands for both schools next term (starts in May) That the Enemy's plans to thwart our ministries to the community, through churches, orphan projects, and schools will be completely foiled And as I always ask, continue to pray always for our daily safety

Upcoming events to pray for also:

In mid-June my daughter and grandson, Angie and Joel Clarkson, will be flying to Uganda to visit me for 3 weeks J In late July, a team from New Life Center, Everett, WA, will be coming for 3 weeks of ministry to our schools, teachers, the educational community in Luweero. We will also be traveling up to northern Uganda to minister in the war zone. In the fall, Greg Matthews, EMT, is planning to return to teach a 3rd phase of EMT training to our SEVO leadership

Thanks for being part of our team.

Margaret Nelson