Ministry of Margaret Nelson
Uganda, Africa

September 1, 2006

A Free Man!

“I was half awake and half asleep, but I saw myself so clearly, sleeping in a mad house [for insane men] with a number of other men, in a large bed. The only one I recognized was the witchdoctor and I was terrified he would catch me getting out of his house. I got to the door and they were all coming after me, but I found myself with the keys in my hand. So I got outside and turned around and locked those men inside. Right there in front was the school van, so I got into it and drove away. It was such a clear dream, a vision, even.”

This is what Pastor David Kasule told me the day before he was released from prison, 18 long days after being arrested and sent to Luzira prison, Uganda’s big government prison (see previous newsletter). That very day, David’s brother Joseph, and I had gone to see David’s attorney to see why it was taking so long for David to get called to court, considering the way he had been arrested. We got the exciting news that the lawyer had uncovered the fact that the attorney for the plaintiff had made a major mistake! He had allowed his license to practice law expire and had not bothered to renew it for several months. Therefore, all the threats of lawsuit, warrants of arrest… everything! … were illegal, having been done during the period of time when he was not licensed to practice law!

So today, September 1st, we spent most of the day at court, awaiting the arrivals of both David’s lawyer and the chief magistrate who had originally sentenced David to prison. Then it was a quick matter to go before the magistrate and get the whole case thrown out! And now thanks to God answering much prayer, and some clever detective work on the part of his lawyer, David is a free man! Hallelujah! In November there will be one more court hearing, to expunge the record for David.

As is always true in God’s economy, nothing is wasted. Not even time in prison, not even under “unjust” circumstances. David had linked up with several other Christian men in his prison ward, and they began to study and minister the Word of God, preaching and teaching, giving out Bibles, and answering many questions on Scriptures. About 25 men made decisions for Christ in the past 18 days as a result of this. The mi nistry was such that David almost hated to be released, to leave all his “friends” behind, and he’s been left with a burning desire to return to Luzira to do more ministry in the future.

Thanks for praying; God has answered!

Margaret Nelson