Ministry of Margaret Nelson
Uganda, Africa

May 4, 2007


On April 12th I got off my British Air passenger plane and walked across the tarmac to the terminal. As the early morning sun warmed my body, I was aware of the thick, humid air that I can almost taste. Itís like a warm, fluffy blanket enveloping me, welcoming me back to Africa. It had been a long 2 months that I was in the USA following the death of my handicapped 15 year old granddaughter Laura Bailey on February 7th. I felt like Iíd been gone from Uganda for years, and I was thankful to be embraced by her warmth, and more than just the sun .

During my time in the USA, I was able to spend most of my time with family members, and other time in Spokane, WA, southern California, and Everett, WA. I spoke of my work in Uganda at a few churches and groups, but mostly soaked up family and friends. Grief is hard work, and even though Lauraís death was not unexpected, it still was sudden, and she left a big hole in our hearts and lives.

Many of you have received a letter saying that my work in Uganda is ceasing, and that I will be returning to live in the US by the end of May. I wish to offer some corrections at this point, even though I regret the confusion that I know I will engender by doing so.

My work in Uganda through New Life Center Foursquare Church is indeed finished, but my work in Uganda is not. I will be ministering from now on through Calvary Chapel San Jacinto (California), continuing on with my present ministries and others as they develop. I am not returning to live in the USA at any known time in the future, as God has not released me from His calling to spend my life in Africa.

Please pray for all of us, at New Life Center, at Calvary Chapel, and here in Uganda, as the necessary transitions are made. Please note the changes above for the new address for directing contributions.

Margaret Nelson