Ministry of Margaret Nelson
Uganda, East Africa

Margaret Nelson is a Registered Nurse. After 12 years of practical nursing at Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane, Washington, Margaret graduated from Eastern Washington University, with Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Margaret served for 8 years as a community health nurse for impoverished, pregnant women in Everett, Washington. In 1999 Margaret was able to realize a lifetime desire of moving into missionary work in Uganda, not in the traditional sense of church planting, but in a medical-social and incarnational sense.

Hello Friends,

While serving with short term missions team in Kenya in 1998, my life was changed! God led me to live and minister in central Uganda, which was the “killing fields” of Uganda’s civil war. Since 1986 there has been peace, but the Luweero area has been slow to recover. I have lived here since March of 1999. The "Margaret Nelson" button to the left will take you to the latest news, and you will also be able to review my background and history. My newsletter archives should provide a colorful chronology of what God has done through this ministry over the last several years.

A local village pastor welcomed me and my daughter Becky upon our arrival in the village 3 km north of Luweero, called Kyevunze (che-voon-zee). Pastor David Kasule became my interpreter as I launched out into village medical trainings. In 2001 by request of the local people, he started a new church, New Life Centre Church, in a nearby village of Nakazzi, halfway between Kyevunze and Luweero. This church has made a remarkable contribution to the local communities. Since August 2006 I have been attending NLCC full time and have been assisting Pastor Kasule, teaching the church in the Word of God and in church doctrines, and the people are really growing -- as am I!

While serving as NLCC pastor, David saw how many orphans in the community were not receiving an education due to lack of school fees, so in 2003 an orphan school ministry was begun. In 2008, when an army base moved in next to our facility, and we were required to close the school. Though the army moved out we have not reopened the school, for a variety of reasons. Please click on the New Life Academy button to the left for the history of this ministry.

In 2003 Pastor Glen Grove from New Life Center Foursquare Church in Everett, WA, brought a team of medical personnel and church leaders to work with us in Luweero villages for 3 weeks. I had requested he bring medical people to teach rather than treat so they could leave their knowledge behind, which would change lives. From that team, SEVO was born, a training and rescue program founded by Hannington Sseruga. SEVO is now independent, and I'm no longer associated with it. Please click on the SEVO button to the left for the history of this ministry

I am now using a new website to host my newsletters. However, you may access all past newsletters via the Margaret Nelson button to the left, and then by selecting the appropriate menu item. The newsletters from 2011 and later may only be accessed individually, but the newsletters from 2002 to 2010 are also available in a single page, for more convenient viewing for those of you with high-speed internet. I invite you familiarize yourself with these ministries, our history, our challenges, and the successes we have enjoyed through the grace and support of our Lord, and to sign up to receive future newsletters if you have not already done so. You may also bless us with your prayers and by providing much needed financial support if God so leads you.

May the Lord bless you, while strengthening your heart for missions.

Margaret Nelson

For an in-depth discussion of Margaret's work and ministry, read the article written by Victoria Porter, Training Villagers to Become Healthcare Workers, first published 8/14/2001 in Medscape.
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Calvary Chapel San Jacinto
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