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Lives Change by NLA

Mutebi James

Mutebi James - Mutebi James joined the New Life Kids Club in 2002 and soon became the head prefect of the Club. In 2003 he entered Makerere University in Kampala after passing the entrance exam and with ongoing financial assistance from the Kids Club, he finished his degree in education this year. His graduation is next month. James is a strong Christian young man and was not spoiled by wild living nor did he get involved in the frequent riots on the U campus.

Mutebi James is now the part time headmaster of New Life Academy. He also teaches part time at Seroma Christian High school, and Hands of Grace, both at Mukono, and at Ebony College in Luweero. He is also assistant pastor at New Life Centre Church. He is now earning enough money to make himself a better life.

Wasswa Robert - Robert was a secondary student when we met him in Kabanyi village. A very bright boy, he began coming to Margaret’s Community Health Worker classes in 1999. His father, a polygamist, had died and his mother was a drunkard, making a living by making and selling homemade beer. Everything had been lost when his father died because another wife had taken everything and run off.

Robert wanted to go to school but had no means. Then Robert got a sponsor and went to western Uganda, Fort Portal, for about 2 years to try to finish his secondary education. He wanted badly to finish and become a pilot. He returned to Kabanyi before finishing because his sponsor left the country, and he got stranded for lack of money. At that time, New Life Kids Club tried to sponsor him for a local secondary school, but failed due to lack of funds.

Robert was not yet saved and he began showing signs of hopelessness. We heard stories of him running around and drinking. But he would come to Margaret’s house many times and talk, and many times just lay on her couch and sleep for hours. He complained of “heart problems” and was frequently ill. There were stories of his mother causing havoc in the village in her drunken state and there were smaller children for Robert to help with too.

The next year a friend of his late father’s sponsored him again and he returned to Fort Portal to finish secondary school, and he finished well. Unfortunately, Robert and some friends had decided to “help” each other on their final exams, as is customary in most Ugandan schools, and were caught, negating their results. They were told they would have to repeat their last 2 years of school. Naturally, his sponsor dropped him. Robert went straight to Margaret’s house and told her. After spending the day there, he rode his bicycle the 14 km home to Kabanyi. In August 2003 when the medical team from Everett, WA, was finishing up their teaching at the New Life Centre Church, Robert came, ill with malaria. After the very last day of teaching Robert came to Margaret and said, “Sister, I am so tired and so sick. I am ready to get saved now.” Margaret got Pastor David Kasule and they prayed for him. He was not only saved but was instantly healed of his malaria and never again complained of his heart problems.

After that, the education authorities gave him his certificate ... he did not have to repeat his last 2 years. He was then admitted to Mubende National Teacher Training College and received a partial government grant, covering half his tuition. For 2 years he attended the College, and God gave him favor with one of the lecturers, a Mr. Anthony Mugisha. When the New Life Kids Club was struggling to send tuition funds for Robert, Mr. Mugisha would allow him to remain in classes, knowing the money would eventually come. At the end of his 2 years of training, the school held Robert’s diploma until the remaining fees were paid off. During Robert’s practicals, he did some teaching in Bundibudgyho near the Rwenzori Mountains on the western border of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Because of his outstanding abilities, as soon as Robert graduated, the Bundibudgyho school invited him back and gave him a well-paying job, where he remains to this day. Robert also remains a very strong Christian.

Ndugga Michael

Ndugga Michael - Michael was born with congenital HIV. His father had died of AIDS and his mother was ill. When Margaret and daughter Becky first came to Uganda, his mother was one of the first people whom they went to pray for at the church. She was dying, covered with herpes, and was feeling death approaching. But when they prayed for her, she felt strength return to her body, and she then lived until January 2004. After she passed away, Michael, the youngest of his siblings, lived with his sisters, who were not living good lives.

"When his mother was sick and was admitted to the hospital, Michael remained at her side, caring for her. In Uganda, hospitals only provide a bed and medical care, so the family must bring clothing, bedding and food for the patient. The stress of caring for his mother and sleeping on the cement floor caused Michael to also become ill and he also was then admitted.

Michael was one of the original kids in the New Life Kids Club. Pastor David had purchased his pickup. He frequently drove Michael to his school, when he was too weak to walk the 2 miles one way, or the 5 miles for his medical care. He was such a bright boy and everyone loved him so much. When David asked him one day what he wanted, he said, “I want to drive the truck.” so David took photos of him pretending to drive his pickup. NLKC paid for all of Michael's medical care and his school fees. Everyone prayed for Michael to be healed of his AIDS, but God took him home for his ultimately complete healing at the age of 13, in 2005.

Mutangana Deus - Age 18 - P7.

Mutangana Deus - A boy without father or mother, who was existing herding cattle with a Rwandese tribe, in the bush out of Luweero and Kabanyi area. Because he did not have parents to teach him about life or right from wrong Deus knew he “had to fear God,” knowing only God could help him with life. In his suffering, he began to fast and pray, and God gave him a vision of Pastor David Kasule. In 2003 he finally met Pastor David at the church in Kabanyi village, and later came to live with David’s family, where he remains to this day. His first year, he nearly died of sleeping sickness, contracted while herding cattle, but he survived because he was now at New Life Academy. Deus is 18 but appears about 13 or 14, as do many Ugandan children who were malnourished in childhood. He is in P-7. Deus has been top in his class since coming to New Life Academy.

Tom Kadali

Tom Kadali - Tom was one of the original New Life Kids Club orphans, who was supported through his upper classes. Tom then found a different sponsor, and was able to attend trade school at a nearby Catholic Mission. Tom became a builder, and is currently working on Margaret Nelson's house, as funds are available to continue to make progress.He also built a house for his grandfather. Tom will soon be joining a team heading for Rwanda sponsored by another ministry, where he will be participating in a building project.

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